Posted by: sharonseidel | April 13, 2013

Hooray, it’s a holi-holiday!

Well the end of the school term is here and so for the next two weeks no more alarm clocks and I am on holiday! WOO HOO!  Not only is this a chance to sleep in and put my brain in relax mode (no assessments, no parents, no playground duty…) but it also gives me the chance to go all out as far as my exercise goes.

I am really enjoying my current teaching gig, the kids are great and I am finding the challenge of running this intervention program a fanastic learning experience but it is also a juggling act which can be stressful and with the distance I have to travel every day and the meetings etc, I am finding that it does tend to eat into my exercise schedule.  I get to my walking route later and with the end of daylight saving, it gets darker earlier and I have to think of the safety factor, I don’t want to end up on a bush trail in the dark.  I am still getting the job done, I am not making excuses as I would have not so long ago, but I do have to cut things short sometimes.  This two weeks can be all about me and what I need to get done and I am so loving that concept.  And with this prolonged glorious warm weather, I can really enjoy it.

So the plan is a long walk tomorrow (18km), a midday yoga class and a walk on Monday, walks on Tuesday and Wednesday, Zumba and maybe a swim on Thursday, a walk and midday yoga on Friday and the same on Saturday, rinse and repeat for the next week.  There is also a 12wbt live chat on Wednesday and I am having dinner with my gorgeous cuz tomorrow night.  It’s all go here at holiday central…….

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